Jessie was born and grew up in rural Breckenridge MN, right on the border of ND. She loved being with her friends at school.  She loved hanging out and talking with her Mom and Dad while they worked in their upholstery shop or going on errands while singing in the car with her Dad. Jessie tolerated an occasional outside activity with her siblings such as playing in the sandbox or riding horses as long as it wasn’t over 90 degrees and the mosquitos weren’t eating her alive. She actually likes the cold and the snow, but did not enjoy walking to the bus in those awful snow pants and moon boots all winter.  She loved shopping trips to Fargo with her mom and learning how to get all the best deals on clothes and shoes!

Jessie grew up in a great church that taught her the love and mercy of Jesus, how to love others and follow after God.  Many friends, family, teachers and mentors in her life shaped her into the person she is today.  She is grateful to all of them for never giving up on her and continuing to love and teach her how to live.

Jessie and Ryan began dating when she was a senior in high school and he was a freshman at University of Minnesota. Back in the days of staying up late to get the cheapest per minute long distance phone rates and sending actual handwritten letters in the mail.  They went to her senior prom together, attended NDSU together, got engaged that fall and married in the summer of 1995.  Other people see opposites in them, but they know they are a perfect match.  They graduated from NDSU in 1998 and were blessed to find careers using their degrees right in Fargo, ND.  They had their first son Brock in 1999, second son Carter in 2001 and daughter Allison is 2005.  They love being parents and can’t believe their kids are all teenagers now!

Jessie has worked as a Licensed Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in Long Term Care for over 20 years, at Park Christian School as the Head Cheer Team coach for 9 years, at Girl Scouts as a Membership Development Specialist, as well as had a few side jobs like making tutus and selling kids’ books over the years.  She loves to be involved in her community and always seems to find her way onto committees at school, church and work; being actively involved in making a difference in the lives of those around her. Jessie and her daughter Allison love to do costuming for plays and musicals locally as well as volunteer for the many different opportunities the North Dakota International Pageants has to offer.  If it involves connecting with people and creativity you can count her in!

Jessie is thrilled to have the opportunity to serve as Mrs. North Dakota International 2019!  Her heart’s desire is to make her family, friends, the International Pageant system and the people of North Dakota proud; to leave a legacy as a Mrs. in the International Pageant system and to serve God with her whole heart.  She is aware of the daunting task in front of her and asks for your prayers to complete this journey with everything she has to give!

Jessie wants to let others know that each of us has unique, God-given talents and abilities and that we are meant to use them.  That when you feel your life does not have meaning or purpose that only means you have not yet found your place to shine.  Do not give up, keep searching and you will find that spotlight that was meant just for you.  A place where you will feel purposeful, fulfilled and all that you were created to be!

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 Take Heart

My Signature Badge Workshop Series

Take Heart Girl Scout Badge Workshop

in partnership with International Pageants


Take Heart means to gain courage and confidence in a difficult situation and that's just what the women and girls I invite to share have done.

​My special guests have included:

Ava Hill, Miss North Dakota International 2019, she shared on her platform The Peyton Heart Project, which is an anti-bullying program.

Jessica Pergande, Mrs. Cass County International 2019, she gave us education and skills with her platform the American Heart Association.

MacKenzie Johnson, Miss Teen North Dakota International 2019.  Her platform, This Ability Not Disability shares how to focus on the positive in the midst of having a disability; inclusiveness and how to treat others with kindness.

Ashley Rae Klinger, Mrs. North Dakota International 2016, Mrs. Midwest International 2017 shared on her platform and foundation, The Cope Well Foundation.  She teaches all survivors how we can Cope Well to Live Well.

I myself, Jessie Aamodt, Mrs. North Dakota International 2019 lead girls through the Girl Scout Way Badge.  I share Girl Scout traditions, our founder's story and how Girl Scouts started, where we have been and where we are going and why we are so important for girls!

My main goal is that each person that attends will leave knowing their value, that they have a purpose and how Girl Scouts can help them achieve it!


Free Being Me

Free Being Me Girl Scout Badge Workshop


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Jessie Aamodt

Mrs. North Dakota International 2019

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